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August 27, 2007


Better than a dream … the party has been with you ibizianese guys!

Really! Let the pics talk themselve:

Cerveza  Cerveza Italian Fan-Familiy Bus

August 14, 2007

Are you ready, Ibiza?!

Hello to all you Ibizanesians, or however you are called! Are you ready for a little bit variety from all the electronic shit you have to bear everyday (because of those stupid german tourists)? For a night beneath the stars and under the table? For nameless bacchanals with fearless defenders of the real punkrock (which will be proven AFTER the show)? For a million beers and a real bad-ass headache the next day? If the answer is yes, come to our show at August 25th. If the answer is no, come anyway and learn something about what’s really important in live. However, don’t miss it! We’ll be there, and we’ll be there only because of you! So seeyou!

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