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July 8, 2008

To all our Indonesian fans:

Here’s a message we received from our Indonesian booking agency, obviously the shows have to be chanceled because of elections taking place at our dates… Believe us, we can’t believe that. We were looking so forward to see you all, and now such a shit….  Hopefully Deep Insight is able to come up with new dates soon. Here’s their official statement:

due to circumstances that appeared recently…we have to announce that Not Available Indonesian Tour 2008 on early August will be postponed till we have a change dates for them to come to Indonesia…we apologize for this inconvenience for all Not Available fans in Malang, Bandung and Jakarta…

dikarenakan beberapa hal yang muncul belakangan ini…event tour buat NOT AVAILABLE pada awal bulan Agustus untuk sementara akan ditunda sampai kami mendapatkan tanggal pengganti buat event tour mereka…kami mohon maaf atas penundaan ini bagi seluruh fans setia NOT AVAILABLE…

Deep Insight

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