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11.08.2007:  Büschfeld Umsonst Und Draußen

It was about time to hit our favourite part of Germany, the Saarland, again. And it was as good as expectet, from the first minute. When we hit the Highway at 4pm the weather was absolut shit, it was raining like in november. But coming closer to saar-not-available-land it improved to a nice fog without rain. And fog is ok, because after ariving in Saarland it usually takes us 60 minute to lose our nice appearance and look like something that was fired from a canon. The fog was good to hide the details we don’t want our fans to see… We have to appologize to the supporting bands for not having seen them, but our VfB Stuttgart was playing (for you guys in Indonesia: That’s soccer), and we had to watch the game and drink a couple of beers. We hit exactly the right dose of alkohol, what means we were still able to talk and stand on stage. I think we even played the one or other song without a mistake. We rock. Much to early we had to stop because of the neighbourhood, but that left us enough time to do an interview with an INDONESIAN guy, yes trust your eyes, a guy from Indonesia. What a beautiful chance that we made the decision to go to Indonesia in Summer 2008 only two hours earlier! Got that, all you crazy Indonesians!?! Next Summer is the time! And by the way, for Japan, too… Got that all you crazy Japanese?!? Japan-Indonesia-Tour. Oh dear… But back to the show…. or better to say the after-show. We spent the night that crazy house and invented a new party-game: Getting so drunken that your pain-center is switched of and than running down the hill with a little children-troley and crash as late as possible, wich means with the highest speed that’s possible. Look at the arms and legs of dragan to see how fast that can be…. Please try this at home! The government pays for all injuries and Not Available is not responsable. The name of the game is: “Down-Hill-Shit” So have much fun and see you soon! Chris  



19.06.2007: Hey, what’s this?

A question in one of the later interviews was why we have that studio-stuff on our tour-diary page. Ahhhhh… tour-diary page? Oh shit, we have a tour diary page! Cool. Let’s use it! We simply forgot it…. O.k., let’s see what memories are left… Hm. Oh, there was that show with our little friends Itchy P.K. in Eislingen! There were a lot of kids, beer was only sold (and allowed) on the balcony which led to a splitting of the crowd into beer-drinkers and not-beer-drinkers. Apartheid, in my opinion. The show was very nice, especially the sound was very good. Congratulations P.A.-guys. You rock. And we rock, too. And we are very good-looking and sexy. And hopefully rich soon… And then we buy an island on which will be a punkrock show every day, let’s say at 2 o’ clock a.m. so the bands can start early with the drinking. There will be no neighbours and everything is all inclusive. And… oh, I was drifting away. What was the topic? Never mind. Next show. Hey, that was something real special! It was the 30th birthday of my sister, the party was on a kind of mountain-hut (let’s call this hill mountain for the moment) wich is called “Knörzerhaus” and the main attraction on this evening was:   Not Available fucking unplugged!!! For the first time in history we did a real unplugged show! And  - hard-core-punkrockers forgive us - it was really great. Maybe the right thing to do when we retire someday (in a very distant future, of course). If some of you out there wants to mary or celebrate your 30th and upwards birthday you can hire us unplugged. The price is 2000 €, because wedding bands are allways more expensive than punkrock bands. But hey…. you will have the party of your life! And that leeds me to the next topic. Anyone of you on the Southside Festival? Well, Dragan and me (Chris) will be there and are looking very forward to once only listen to the music. I hope they have enough beer there. Ok, guys, I have to leave to my drinking-exercices now, Southside is close, and training is everything, as everybody knows. See you!  

27.04.2006: Little Spain Tour

Oh dear, it’s about time…. I have to admit that our tourdiary is not really up to date, but here our standard apollogy for everything: that’s punkrock. But from now on times change. Updates after almost every show, and if we forget it from time to time, we’ll write at least: Hey, that’s punkrock. But now the Spain Tour:

Let’s start with the drive to the airport. Place: Dragan’s car. Characters: the band except Arndt. Dragan (driving, wearing really cool Ray Ban goggles): “Everybody got his ID?” All: “Yes.” Pappinger: “But mine is not valid anymore.” Silence. Dragan:”Errhh….” Pappinger “That wasn’t a problem the last two flights, so it won’t be a problem today.” The unbeatable logic of a maths-teacher. Ok.

Airport, Check in: Ryan Air Girl: “I can’t let you in without valid ID, of course.” Of course. We have 45 minutes left for check in and Pappinger has to take a taxi to the next town, go to the town office and try to get an ID. Sometimes they do it, sometimes not. Close. Very close.  The rest is waiting at a bar, drinking some calm-down beers, looking at the watch every ten seconds. Dragan tries to call Pappinger on his cell phone, but obviously he switched it off. 5 Minutes left, thén the check in will be closed. A last call. Dragan gets a conection: “Where-the-hell-are-you-we-have-only-5-minutes-left!!!???” Pap.(phone): “I’m allready in.” Pffffffffff………..  OK, everything’s fine, we’re all in and just have to pass the security, the last obstacle. The police officer is searching my (Chris) bag. He discovers a small metal bottle (in german: Flachmann). There’s something in it. No liquids, gentlemen. Me “OK, where can I pour it out?” Officer: “Not here.” Me “Not here? Nowhere here? So what shall I do?” Officer: “Drink it out.” It’s ten a clock in the morning, yes we had one or two bears, but we’re all afraid of what may be in this fucking bottle. I take the first sip, and it’s much worse than expected: The liquid in the bottle is Ramazotti. And it’s almost full. We pass the bottle, drink, try not to puke and make very uncomfortable faces. 5 Minutes later we all feel sick. The police officers are laughing themselves to death. But we are allowed to enter the plane now. Halleluja. Hicks.

We take of in Germany with let’s say 25 degrees outside and bright sunshine. We go down to Spane and hit a grey mass. It’s raining like when Noah built his arch. 14 degree. And that nice weather will stay the whole tour. Really marvelous.

Next Highlight: We’re somewhere in Girona and wait for some promoter to call us and tell us where to go. So we decided to search a pub and drink the weather fine till this guy is pleased to call us. Witch could take a couple of hours because it’s lunch time. Dragan is trying to unlock his bag to get out some rain-clothing… and still is trying to unlock his bag 10 minutes later. The key worked in the morning, now it doesn’t work. Hm. Well, here’s the solution: It’s not Dragans Bag. Someone else had the same bag and took Dragans instead of his own. Cool. To make a long story short: Dragan will receive his back after the tour at the airport when we fly back to germany. He buys a thooth brush and a couple of socks and boxershorts the next day. I’m lending him my swimming trunks for the shows.

From now on we had no bigger problems, it was allmost boring. But the shows where great. This crazy Barcelonian audience knew all of the new songs we played! Some of them must have buyed a CD… It’s allways the same: Spain, and espacially Barcelone kicks so much ass! After coming here for 10 years now, we’re still amazed, how much you spanish people like us! Thanks so much.

OK, wasn’t that a wonderfull story? The next step is to do something real professional: Posting the pictures we made in the live-gallery! Despite the fact I’m a little frightened of what we’ll see on those pictures….

08.11.06: Studio news #1:
OK, Fellas, it’s done, the Recordings are complete! Never before we had that much Studio Time! Almost 4 weeks for the recordings! This should become the best production we ever made. At least we hope so. If not we suck. We started mixing the day before yesterday and hope to finish it next week.  

4.12.06: Studio news #2:

The Mix is done, and as heard from Alex Klier at Weltraum-Studios the Mastering was completed today. That means we should receive the first 1000 copys of “5 Aces” just in time before the release party at Dec. 22th. Hopefully see you there!   

8.12.06: CD Release Party

After a couple of problems with the club the party should go (the owner was arrested…) we received the final OK for the alternative place: It will be the “Why not” in Göppingen, and the CD Relase Party will be joined with another incredible event: The Sans-Souci Revival Party! The Sans Souci was a famous Punk Rock Club near Göppingen wich had to close a couple of years ago. The Partys we had there were nameless and eternal…. So be there, Guys!   


Good News! The first 1000 copies of our new album will leave the factory next thursday. That means they’ll be available on the CD Release Party at 22th of December. Hajo at Jowa Studios received a copy of the Mastered Version. He said it sounds very good, and if Hajo sais something like that, it means that it’s not one gramm less than fucking incredible. We (the band) resisted the temptation to go to Hajos studio and listen to it. As you, we will wait till we hold the complete baby in our hands… So come to the Release Party to buy a real rocking christmas present for your friends, girlfriends and families: The new Not Available Album!   

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